New 14.5"wsm! Now I have the whole set!


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So last week the wife sends me a pic of her at Walmart with this in her hands.

Didn't think I was going to be getting the 14.5"wsm, but since it was half off what the heck! Had my first cook on it yesterday, just a little beef roast. Started with a full chimney of mostly lit charcoal, put some water in the pan and on with the roast. Oak for smoke.

After 2.5hrs the roast was at 160°, so I put it in a foil pan with some vegetables and beef broth. Then back on for about 2hrs more, at that time it was around 200°. Turned out pretty darn good. I think a butt is going to be next.

Thanks for looking, see you next cook!

Bob Ivey

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Congrats on the new WSM. You are lucky to have such an understanding wife. Mine recently declared a moratorium on BBQ spending. Except meat of course.

Dwain Pannell

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Nice addition to the family. I keep stopping by the local Wally World but the three 14.5" are still $135.00 here. :(

Mark Barton

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Congrats on the 14.5! I got mine on clearance a couple weeks ago, and have been really liking it. Surprising at how even the temps are in it.


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Congrats on the 14.5! I got mine on clearance a couple weeks ago, and have been really liking it. Surprising at how even the temps are in it.

It ran 265-275° with water, after the water dried up and I had the roast in a pan it jumped up to 350ish and I backed the vents down to half, then around 325°

Michael C.

Wow that is a great deal!!! I need to head to my local Wal Mart and see if I can find that deal!!! Nice smoke ring!!!! Looks great!!!!

Cliff Bartlett

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Nice treat from your wife. Walmart gets nuts right around this time. A year ago, I picked up my 18" WSM for $100. I believe it was right around September 1st. We have two Walmarts in this area, about 10 miles apart. One had the WSM's on sale at the price I mentioned and the other had a few 18's also but they were priced $199. So if you have multiple Walmart's in your area, check them all. Oh yeah, that roast looks terrific!


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Awesome! Nice cook too.

Now you need one of those stick figure stickers for the back window of your car, with 3 different WSM's on it. :D

Bob H.

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Nice smoke ring! Once is gets sealed up and seasoned its easier to control temps. 14.5 is my favorite smoker.
It's great for chicken with apple wood. Some have mentioned they can't get higher heat with it, but if the thermo port
is removed problem solved. Enjoy your new smoker.

Barb D

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That's an awesome group of WSM's and congrats on the newest one. That roast looks delicious by the way. We're heading to WalMart later today will be checking our the BBQ things.


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Those little 14.5s can rock real hard. You will enjoy using it, for sure.
First cook looks terrific.