My mild mods for pizza rig



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I got a 22" Original on clearance, and made a few improvements. Intent is to use this for pizza and as a spare grill occasionally. My pizza technique is to use a thick steel plate as a cooking surface (see photo), preheated on my chimney. I get the steel up to about 500F, and run the grill wide open.

  • 8" lawnmower wheels, spray painted hubs black
  • 3'4" EMT insert for front leg to level grill, with 7/8" rubber pad
  • Second lid vent installed, to keep airflow for high temperatures
  • Behren's #10 bucket for ash catcher

To do:
  • Add lid thermometer
  • Add strong magnets to triangle to hold bucket from sliding when grill rolls
  • Add lid bale





How do you plan on getting hot top side heat. That's been my biggest challenge when doing pizza.
I have had pretty good luck burning 2 chimneys of lump charcoal and some wood chunks. To get the fire really hot you can crack the lid open. ALso notice that my plate is raised up a few inches compared to where the grate would be--getting the pizza top under the hot air in the top of the lid.
I like the secondary top vent, I might need to keep an eye out for a loose lid and fine tune my "Pizzaque"! I have a buddy who works at a metal shop and am going to have him cut me an "upper deck" for it.
Nice. I've done something similar, except I used a 14" Lodge CI pizza pan, raised as high as possible.