1. ChadRex

    Weber Performer 22 Kettle swap to Crimson;

    Weber Performer 22 Crimson; I added my old Tuck away lid bail added an updated One touch ring/bowl ( Weber sent me the wrong ash bowl - I ordered a black one, they told me to keep the extra on2) I still need to clean that table better, seems to be some deeper stains that aren't coming out. (...
  2. Dave Z

    Cleaning Gear and a Heat Screen Mod

    Howdy! Happy holidays to folks and all the best for 2021.... Like many folks, I like to try different methods for cooking and love to do mods. I have two WSM22 and have pimped them out with lid hinges, stainless steel doors, the Cajun Bandit Extended Rack Support Kit, gaskets and a better...
  3. J

    Has anyone modded/upgraded Summit 400/600 series casters/wheels?

    I have a Summit 670 from 2012. I'd like to put upgraded casters or wheels on the grill so I can more easily move it around my patio. Has anyone taken this project on? If so please let me know what parts you used and how the project went. Pictures would be great too. If this has been...
  4. D

    Weber Go-Anywhere 6 hour slow and low with TempMaster Pro controller

    hi all, WeberGA is my #1 favorite grill (I own 20+ grills from 28" kamados to smokey joe and everything in between) I took it "anywhere" I go like camping at the beach. I ended up making mods to turn it into a smoker. The mods are...a temperature controller based on Arduino, a drip pan, and a...
  5. W

    Ash pan modification to an 18.5" WSM

    I've got a 22" Weber 1351001 One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill and an 18.5" Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker right next to it. While waiting for the heat to come up on the WSM the other day, I thought about the only negative aspect of that WSM, emptying the ashes. I looked next to it and saw my Weber...
  6. P

    Jumbo Joe/OneTouch mod

    Anyone ever taken the legs and ash pan from a Jumbo Joe and mounted it on an 18” OneTouch kettle? Or taken the propeller from an 18” OneTouch and installed it in a Jumbo Joe? I love the Jumbo Joe but it would be nice to have an easy cleaning system and also it would be nice to have the distance...
  7. M

    My mild mods for pizza rig

    I got a 22" Original on clearance, and made a few improvements. Intent is to use this for pizza and as a spare grill occasionally. My pizza technique is to use a thick steel plate as a cooking surface (see photo), preheated on my chimney. I get the steel up to about 500F, and run the grill...
  8. M

    Custom Performer Table Mod...for the Jerry fans out there...:)

  9. S

    Water Pan Cover

    I saw this on eBay and thought it looked useful. Anyone used this?
  10. S

    Just saying hi

    Just saying hi, new but keen in all things BBQ. Just purchased a Weber grill and looking to build a grill table, if anybody has any ideas, pictures and dimension to help would be fantastic
  11. PSpringer

    22.5 Mods

    Here is a few modifications I've made. I extended the grate bars by 5 inches so I could add a 3rd grill Made some brackets to mount handles and a table [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  12. J

    Jumbo Joe Smoker

    I sat on posting this for a few weeks because I didn't want to get into a debate about using Galvanized Metal in a smoker. This mod uses galvanized metal, and either you are afraid of it or not. If you are afraid of it stop reading now, and please no lectures on galvanizing smokers. I think I...
  13. J

    Grommet Mod Gone Wrong - HELP

    I was attempting to follow several Grommet mod instruction with the threaded lamp rod/steel nipple, and I may have made a large mistake. I requested 3/8" running thread from the store. While drilling and attempting to fit the thread, I discovered that I received 3/8" ID, rather than OD. My...