My last couple cooks!!


Morgan C.

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Evening folks..haven't been into posting much lately...friggn cold weather has got me down I'll tell ya..we have been thru a couple weeks of 0 to 20 and a crazy north wind gusting to 50...makes me want to move to California!!...any way I managed to get a couple cooks out in the couple days....

First up was a wing cook!! My boy turned 9 and wanted chicken wings..cold or not gotta do it!! I soaked some wings in road side chicken juice for about 6 hours and tossed them on the grill with some apple wood for flavor!

These went for about 45 minutes and were dunked in a bath of the marinade several times!

Plated up with tater salad, beans, bread!! Actually not sure why I have not done this before cause the wings were super tasty!

My birthday boy loved them!

He loves the Hawks!!

I bought my older boy his first grill..this is the first weber I have purchased full price..not off Craig's list or freecycle!

Tonight was steak!! Gerti was like "come on not again"

Tri tip strips on for a sear!


More to come!!
Ok baby Portabella's in butter and garlic!

All done and heading in!

Plated up with pasta and bread..oh and beer of course!!

Thanks for looking's to warmer weather coming!Im so ready!!

Take care!!
Happy birthday to T-Man and I totally feel you on the cold weather sucking the life out of the outdoor's been -30 for a good snap this winter and I just posted my first two cooks in a long time as well.

Hopefully the spring comes soon for both of us!
Happy birthday to your son Morgan! Nice looking cooking. Hopefully the weather will start getting better every where, especially up there in your
winter paradise. ;)
Awesome cooks. Love how the 'shrooms get a ring-o-beef around them to keep them happy. Hope it warms up for you soon. Cheers
Happy birthday to your son Morgan!
Both cooks look stellar!
It will warm up soon, and you'll forget all about this brutal winter, lets hope.

poor Gerti...
Lets start this with a HUGE congrats to T-man!

Second the food is killer....And whatta gift.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"