My First Weber and First Restore Project Ever



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So I've never had a Weber before, and never understood the love for them. I've also never restored anything, so this was a project I was intimidated by and excited to tackle. After looking around for a strong propane grill to have on my patio under my deck, I knew I needed to get my hands on an older generation Weber to restore. After looking for a few weeks I found one for free on facebook and promptly picked it up. I decided I could restore it and bring it back to something I'd be proud of, and to be honest, I definitely am! After following guides and tips on here and reddit, I went to cleaning with a cup brush, elbow grease, and a power washer. The hood was weathered - the previous owner didn't care for this grill like he should have - he was another person that just thought of this Weber as another cheap old grill that could be thrown away (boy was he wrong lol). I found a silver b for free nearby and picked it up to swap the lids (and got a free propane tank too!). I could hear some people telling me, "Hey Ed, just restore the Silver, they're built like tanks!", but I was having nothing of it, I started with the 1000, and I'd end with it; something about the look of the wood tables just called to me. I went back to cleaning the replacement- this one was much worse, having so much cooked on char that 3 passes of easy off oven spray, elbow grease, scraping, and caliper cleaner took off as much as I could. So, without further adieu.....I give to you my first Weber, and my first restore.



And a video of the new grill all powered up (I replaced the knobs with the silver b, they felt more heavy duty and ergonomic lol)

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I have been starting to tag ones that I see. If we all put some time into that, especially finding older threads, we will have a great resource at our fingertips and to refer others to. If one has been tagged by someone else you will see that it has been done already.
That is a real beauty and a grill you can absolutely be proud to own and cook on, especially because of your vision and hard work to give it a new lease on life!

Now we will see if you catch Weberitous and start doing the ones for friends, to flip, or just because:rolleyes:!