Meat Church Chicken Chili



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Did a couple birds the other night, anticipating leftovers so I could make this recipe. Night one, we did simple chicken with roasted broccoli and rice. Did two birds to ensure plenty of leftovers. Tonight, did the Meat Church chili recipe (linked below), which is super simple and super delicious. Didn't have the MC chili seasoning, but made up a quick batch of my own. Sliced baguette brushed with olive oil and kissed with S&P, then on the grill at 450 for about 3 minutes.



I feel like I know what that must taste like but I bet I am wrong....I bet it is many times better than what I think it tastes like......
Looks insane good.
Man, I wish I would've had a pot of that last Sunday! ( I did not win our Church Chili Cook off. ) :ROFLMAO:
That looks lime a winner, Jim. (y)