Looking to get a gas grill - any suggestions?

Mark Foreman

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My new genesis II 335 is here! Major assembly required.....
totally new to gas grills, gonna be an adventure after 45 years of wood and charcoal.


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Mark Foreman

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Got it assembled.... “some” assembly required.... got it burned in. With the 3 main burners and the sear burner on high, the lid thermometer read 700 degrees. Too cool.

Really looking forward to learning to use it. 45 years of wood and charcoal. this is my first gas grill. 1st two are the Genesis ES-335 that the Sargent major (wife) bought me. The 3rd picture is of Santa Rosa CA when the fires started. BTW the picture was taken at 8:30 in the AM!


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Garry Milner

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Mark, welcome to the 335 club!

I just put mine together last week and only had time to grill a few burgers before rain put an end to all outdoor activity. But the experience of grilling on a high quality Weber was definitely a thrill. No flare ups, all burgers cooked equally even, made me happy I bought one. My grilling experience is somewhat limited so using this baby was kinda like being a 16 year-old driving a new BMW M-Series to school, lol.

Enjoy yours!🍻


Mark Foreman

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Wanted to give you all an update....
Donated the Chargriller Outlaw and Smokey joe to a very deserving family who wants to learn to grill/smoke. Decision on smoker remain open. I have a WSM 14, a 22, and a Smokin-it 3. Want to get down to 1. Figuring it out is in progress.
I have done 3 cooks on the new Genesis but am finding I am running to high of temperatures. Wife LOVES it. She likes grilled but not too smokey food. For me the jury is still out...40 plus years of wood/charcoal cooking..... I remain unsure maybe skeptical....
I find the temperatures quite uniform across the grates and easy to control. Demerit is I did a marinated medium direct spatchcock chicken and it left a lot of grease. Any hints on getting rid of it would help. My thought is to go on high for 15 minutes the cool and scrape off the residual Followed by a quick cleaning. Advice is more than welcome....


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Yah, as long as there isn't too much oily greasy goo in the grill, then 15-20 minutes on high will carbonize it all. Then it is just a matter of scraping it out.

But, if there is a lot of fatty grease from a low and slow cook on a chicken, be careful as that stuff could catch fire and start a nuclear meltdown.

Mark Foreman

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It’s been 6 weeks since I got the Genesis. It works pretty well. The wife, who bought it for me, likes grilled food but little to no smoke flavors so she likes it a lot.

I do have 1 question though. the 1st gas bottle i took back per Weber as i could not get it to seal. The replacement took some fiddling but did finally seal. I just installed a new one and had the same problem. After fiddling with it (install, tighten, repeat) I finally got it to pass a leak test. Is this common?

as to the Performer, still my favorite but I do like the SE-335 quite a bit. It’s really nice to have a choice of which to use.....


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Are you talking about the gas hose/regulator and a 20 lb propane tank? It should seal fairly easily. If it isn't the tank, then it is the hose. I would contact Weber about getting a new hose. I don't think you will have any problem getting them to send you one after you explain as above.

If not, you can replace it for under $10 anyway. https://www.homedepot.com/p/GASONE-3-ft-Gas-One-Propane-Regulator-and-Hose-2106/310727271
I agree. Rare to have an issue there. Mist be the grill hose/connector. Careful.