Lightning struck twice in 2 weeks,found a brand new in box Weber Flame 27000 Firepit!


Jeff MA

TVWBB All-Star
The Weber God's must be smiling down on me-
Some of you might have read how I found a brand new in the box Genesis 13 bar Cook Box. If not, see here:!

Well I was scanning Craigslist once again and I found a never used Weber Flame 27000 Fire Pit in a sealed box!
The owner had bought it for his new Home purchase in 2005 and never got around to using it, so there it sat in his garage for the last 13 years.

After making him an offer I drove to Vermont to pick it up. The owner insisted on opening the still-taped box to show me it was indeed brand new.

Check it out-




It was well worth the 226 mile, 5 hour round trip to bring this bad boy Home!

Chris Allingham,

It you want to move this to the "Weber Accessories" Forum with the rest of the Fire Pit topics that would be fine.

Nice score. Care to post what you got it for?

You must do some serious "scouring" to find stuff that far away. I try to limit my searches to 60 miles and no more than 100 for sure. I am afraid I will find that "too good to pass up" item 5 hours away.
Jeff nice score. #2 here questioning the price.
I can't complain. I have a horse shoe up my rear, holding in a rabbit's foot as well. I have scored 2 blue performers in 48 hours.
I do check all over the place when I'm looking for the special hard-to-find items. I like to drive and it gets me out there seeing places I normally wouldn't see. My two other Weber's I drove out to New York for and am currently working on a "special" Weber in Michigan. That, of course, will be a Shipped item if the deal goes through as even I have my limits :rolleyes:

Regarding the price...I would have paid full the full $599.00 2005 price if need be. I,as well as my Family use the Flame all the time. I did not pay anywhere near that though.

That is an amazing find. After seeing it in your other thread I want one. :)
Not sure I would use it now but when the boys get a little older I am sure I would.

Currently I just search everywhere for weber and webber (some people don't spell the best...including me.)