Keurig is now selling a pod machine that makes cocktails.


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Not for me, I guess. I don't find it that hard to put an ice cube in a glass and pour some bourbon over it. ;)


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Exactly. One of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of. Sadly people are forgetting or never learning good basic skills. Basic cooking like how to use a stove/oven with proper cooking vessels (rather than all these silly plug in appliances), mix a basic drink properly, make a good cup of coffee without adding all kinds of little plastic cups to the waste stream, change a flat tire, and so on

Timothy F. Lewis

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Yes, people are getting less “interesting” when they have t have a machine make their cocktails! Good grief, making real cocktails is not that hard, learn to read and read the recipe! All these people claiming “Mixologist” monikers make me want to quit drinking, well not really. I don’t understand what is wrong with a bartender being a bartender! Mixologist? Bah, Humbug!


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That's one thing I love about Ishnala in WI and my local variant of the same company Hoffman House. They have the classically trained bar tenders who know how to mix a classic drink not just the new sissy drinks like chocolate this and raspberry that and than have the gall to call them "martini's. Sometimes a true Manhattan in a steak house is a Great thing!

Rich Dahl

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Ah yes a Manhattan, haven't had one in probably 30 years. Used to really enjoy them. Don't care for Foo Foo or umbrella drinks. Basically a bourbon drinker and an occasional gin martini dry, just set the vermouth bottle in front of the glass no need to open it.
A good bartender is hard to come by here that's why I order something simple when we go out to dinner, although I still get a kick out of the reaction of the bartenders when Barb orders Wild Turkey on the rocks....Priceless.


I prefer my liquors straight up, or over a rock. I generally don't drink cocktails. There's a bar here in Rochester, MN that serves smoked Manhattans and smoke Old Fashioneds that the crowd I tipple with are very fond of.

This device..... yeah, no. This device/system is a desperate attempt to define a market. It won't be economical for anybody who makes cocktails on anything like a regular basis, and I'd suspect that the pod contents are not the best. Life is too short to drink bad booze.

We've looked at Keurig pod coffee makers..... and using the disposable pods would kill us from a cost perspective (I drained most of a pot working from 0500-0800 this morning.) And the refillable pods just don't seem right to me. I'll stick with my French Press travel mug during the week, and a drip maker on the weekends.


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I like my coffee black, french roast, grind my own.
Same with cocktails, nothing fancy.
Keurig is trying to dumb it down for the ever growing wave of peeps who want it now without doing any work.



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Yep mostly for me it's bourbon or scotch neat or rocks. Maybe a martini but occasionally I enjoy an old classic cocktail like a Manhattan or an old fashioned mixed by someone who knows their mixology. Typically if I see gray hair behind the bar I am pretty sure I am going to receive a nicely mixed classic drink. Many years ago I used to live in Bloomingdale IL and my uncle (the one who had been in the Silent Service in WWII) lived very close by. Some Sundays he would call me and say "I just mixed a pitcher of Manhattans for your aunt and I............Want in?" And oh boy he knew how to mix a drink. Sure enjoyed those days
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