Kentucky Mule

You should be wearing my JW T-Shirt that I wore yesterday.
”Lookin’ back is a bad habit”

I was grousing about something and my wife piped up with Anse’s line, I just about fell on the floor!
“The Cowboys” is my favorite “late“ JW movies.
My favorite JW Cowboys line is “Slap some bacon on that biscuit and let’s go! We’re burnin’ daylight!”

(sorry if we hijacked the thread. I’ll stop now.)
The reason I like the 101 is it holds up to the dilution of the crushed ice and syrup.
I grabbed a bottle of regular WT by mistake last week, it’s perfectly good stuff, I just prefer the higher proof most of the time.
I agree. I noticed yesterday that I’m almost out, took care of that today. Always buy a 1.75L but today the 750’s were on sale, got 2!
Dan, Go look in the John Wayne quotes, those are what my cups are like. I had a dozen at one point I think I’m down to six now. I need to search for the other two before post time!
Damn skippy!
Must admit, that was one heck of a race!!!!
I didn’t shoot any of todays juleps, after the race it headed into feasting time and too hungry to take pictures.
Good for you Duane!
Apologies for mistaking you for Dan Hoo! My bad.