Just some chicken and a fun breakfast cook.



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Things warmed back up here. I did some breasts on the Q1200. Had a big cook planned for this weekend. Fires up some outdoor cooking equipment indoors just for fun one morning.

to make sure the Q1200 still worked after the pickle sticks. Took a bit of cleaning to get the carbon off!



Little one egger 3 1/2” lodge skillets on the Solostove Lite with the alcohol burner




Rich G

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Love that Solo every time you use it, Case. I have a stove fetish (5x MSR stoves, 3x Colemans "suitcase" style, and 1 WWII-style Coleman "GI" stove.) Oh, and the chicken and breakfast looks good, too! :)



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What's the fuel you were using on the solo stove I thought they ran on wood, but I don't see any?
With the Lite you can use an Alcohol burner. I was using that with denatured alcohol.

When I use it outdoors I use twigs, pellets and the alcohol burner.