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Is there a way to insert or attach files? I have several excel files that I use to calculate spices for recipes. It would be nice to include those in posts so people can use them too.
Can you “screenshot” them and add as a photo? Just a thought.
No the whole point of are hung the file is so people can save them and use them. It’s a calculator that you plug a number into the cell and then it tell you how much spice you need to make the recipe. That you can make 50 pounds or 1/2 a pound of whatever.
Gotcha, I give all that kind of project to my wife if it’s “critical” scaling, she speaks excel fluently, (veteran accountant).
Since I’m not making sausage needing the cure ratios to be accurate, it’s not really much of a big deal for me.
I don't think a standard Excel worksheet will work in the concept you're thinking. Also not everyone uses or has Excel. But nice thought
I don't think a standard Excel worksheet will work in the concept you're thinking. Also not everyone uses or has Excel. But nice thought
All I want to do is attach the file so others can save it and use it (those that do use excel or have it in the computer).
Several other forums I belong too you can attach excel or word documents for others to download.

I see here on my phone there is an attach files button lower left. I don’t have the excel file on my phone but when I click on it I can browse through files to attach. Cant find this on the competitor version of the forum.

There is an "Attach files" button at the bottom left of my web page using Chrome browser.
Spreadsheets are not one of the default file types allowed for attachment in Xenforo. Allowed file types include: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif.

One reason for this may be that malicious macros can be embedded in spreadsheets, a lot like malware. In fact, not only do they pose a risk to the person that downloads the attachment, but it's my understanding that the files may be exploited on the forum server and potentially cause harm there, too. Of course, this is a small risk and your spreadsheets, Case, won't include risky macros, but I've got sketchy people trying to join the forum all the time that I filter out and I'm not sure I want to take the risk.

One thing you can do, within the allowed file types, is to ZIP your spreadsheet and attach the ZIP file. At the end of the day, this probably isn't any safer for the end user of the spreadsheet and I don't know if it's safer for the forum server, but it is what it is.

Another approach would be to import your Excel spreadsheet into Google Sheets, then include a link to the Google Sheet in your post. That way, there is no attachment on the server, you can update the spreadsheet online, and people always get the latest version when they click the link in your post.