I will just leave this here

Check this out at Target....It appears who ever the ordering manager was had an accident with the Ignite Grill Brushes an added an extra digit on their order.
This whole shelf is full and they have some in another area!!!

I picked up a few clearance items at our Target including a couple Weber 22.5" fold-up kettle grates for less than $14 and, to my wife's GREAT ANNOYANCE, one of those LP tank covers for $5:eek:!
Bruce - I think they were $8-9. I am waiting for them to be 90% off and get them for 1.20. :)

Jon - I have been watching. My target ordered a bunch of tank covers and aprons. I am hoping to get them when they got to 70% off. Plus I want to grab a grill cover on sale also. Great time of year. I actually want to get two tank covers and have one for my spare tank also. HAHA
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Damn, I wish I lived near a Target store. Closest is 50 miles.


Ours really didn't have that much, but if you are interested in something that you think I could save you enough to make the cost of shipping worthwhile, let me know.

Bruce - Also if you are still planning on swinging through the area let me know and I will pick up something and get it for you then.
Aren't those red brushes the ones that have to be used on a cold grill? I wonder if those work very well?
Figured this thread was good for all kinds of stuff. I was in HD today and saw this grill by KitchenAid. Kind of cool looking and its a redhead they actually used porcelain for the hood and shelves, had stainless steel grates although when looking at their site said stainless steel wrapped so my guess is they ain't stainless all the way thru. It was 100 dollars cheaper at Sams.

Bruce great job on that as usual. I still think a redhead is going to sell they are just so different and your price is right so I would not worry about it.
Yah, I had a $220 offer already. You know how CL works. The Low Ballers come out in force early on.
LOL, I know it. I just got a "Is this still available" message on Facebook marketplace. I replied yes and asked when they could come check it out. The response was " thanks, but my brother’s truck is not available and we are in Janesville". Duh, then why bother to ask if it is still available. I offered delivery for $50, but I doubt that will matter. It is just one of those idiots who have nothing better to do than troll Facebook marketplace and ask if stuff is still available with no real intention of buying it.