HOW TO: Weber Q1xx and Q2xx Regulator Delete

How about screwing the adapter into the hose first? Should not have any escaping propane to smell. Maybe I am missing something... Have you used one before? I have not.
I haven’t - but I’ve read a bunch of reviews, and I know my own ways well enough to know that sooner or later I’d absent-mindedly screw the adapter onto the bottle with the other end not attached to the hose.
Really the only stupid thing the guy did was using a regulator intended for the wrong purpose. Those are meant for high pressure applications like space heaters, turkey fryers and so on NOT for grills.
What is now recommended for the low pressure LP hose with regulator and QCC1 (Acme) connector? There seem to be a lot of hoses with questionable reviews; what's best? By chance has a hose come on the market with a 1/8" connection?