How has this classic not been posted here by now?

William Shatner is awesome (and also a native of Montreal, not that it matters). Reinventing himself as Shatner playing Shatner was a brilliant move.

Same. Hard to believe he is 90 and doesnt look that much different
His hair's a bit younger.;)

We deep-fried turkey a couple of times at my in-laws' house a number of years ago and my father-in-law made sure that every safety precaution was followed to the letter, which wasn't a surprise because he'd also been a meatcutter at one time and is VERY serious about food safety.

The first time we saw fried turkey the cook used the same board for both the raw and cooked bird, with no obvious disinfecting in between. We ate other things that day.
I'll admit I don't bust out the Sunsan, but feel good about my prep and cleaning procedures.
Especially when dealing with poultry.

Sort of related, if you ever want to be a real jerkhole to a grocery store, mess with their organic displays and food. I believe it was at least a 5 part cleaning process before anything could touch organic. If an organic apple touched a non-organic, it could no longer be called certified.
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Hes a comic at heart. He was a great iconic actor. Never took himself too seriously. One of my favorites.
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