Homemade, “Universal” Auber PID

I have built a PID controller using an Auber SWA-24X2C, Pt100 probe and a 25A SSR controlling a 6.5 CFM fan, (overkill yes but hear me out) to regulate temperatures for a myriad of applications with only one controller to clutter my shelf. Some application examples of this universal controller are beer fermenting, sous vide cooking, food dehydrating and the 18” WSM. Each “application” is a little different but temperature regulation is key to all of them. I can rarely think about doing two of those actions at once anyway so a single universal controller seemed to be the best approach. On the back of the control box is two 120v outlets. One always on and the other switched by the SSR/PID.

First, a little more about how my WSM is setup. From the Auber fan I have a pipe adapter to connect 1/2” corrugated stainless steel tubing, which passes snuggly through a bottom vent hole of the WSM, (No drilling required!). The interior end of the tube is crimped closed with pliers and 18 x 4mm holes were drilled into the top to create an “air-burner”. I should also mention my door has a gasket, the two other lower vents are closed and the two remaining holes on the air burner intake vent are covered with foil tape so the only real source of combustion air is via the fan.


Onto the cook. I filled 75% of the ring with Kingsford Original and three lumps of apple in a center lit minion method. After the WSM was assembled, the fan and controller were turned on to a target of 225. The temp rose to 225, dropped back to 215, spiked above 230 and then settled in at 225 +/- 2 degrees within about 20 minutes. A good start in my books.

I placed a rubbed 7.25Lb grass fed sirloin roast on the top rack at 225 and went to work. My wife checked it at 5 hrs and was still at 223 and the meat was at 130. She removed it, covered it and put into the cooler until I got home to sear on the Genesis 310 prior to slicing and severing.

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Here is a closeup of the fan to pipe connection. The CSST comes with a 1/2" NPT adapter already and I ordered the Auber fan with a pipe adapter. Since it's a 3/4" I just used a reducing bushing to make the connection. Everything is just dry fit so I can disassemble during storage.


Anyone with an air burner, can you comment on the direction of the pipe holes. I have run with them "up" the whole time but wonder if inverting to down or even sideways would have any benefit, or drawback.
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A quick follow up in support of ATC.
The "airburner" and temp controller are a great combo. I ran 6 hours at 215 with my top rack full and then increased the temp up to 325 for a hour to cook some sausages on the lower rack, and set some sauce into the bark of a brisket for 10 mins. I ran without water in the pan the entire time.

What surprised me in the morning was how little charcoal was used. I lit the grill with a minion method and only 6 lit briquettes.
I'll only need to give it a shake and re-lit another minion method next time, I don't even think I used 1/3 of my charcoal.

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