1. D

    Airburner - HeaterMeter Success!

    Longtime lurker here (this may be my first forum post ever). But I got excited and had to post after finally fixing my temperature problems. The answer, in short - MAKE AN AIR BURNER! I had previously been using a cat dish with a hole drilled in it for a 1 inch pipe and held it to the WSM with...
  2. J

    FYI - MicroDamper + 22"WSM + HeaterMeter + AirBurner = Fail

    Greetings All, TLDR; The MicroDamper fan can't flow enough air through the bends on the Air Burner so use the blower provided in the HeaterMeter Kit. Got fancy and figured, why not use the MicroDamper. Foolish move. This configuration had literally zero effect on the grill temp. Had I known, I...
  3. J

    Homemade, “Universal” Auber PID

    I have built a PID controller using an Auber SWA-24X2C, Pt100 probe and a 25A SSR controlling a 6.5 CFM fan, (overkill yes but hear me out) to regulate temperatures for a myriad of applications with only one controller to clutter my shelf. Some application examples of this universal controller...