1. L

    PID values for Weber Smokey Mountain 18' (47cm)

    Hi Guys, does someone have PID values set for WSM 18' (47cm)? I'm using adapt-a-damper if it may matters Tnx a lot L.
  2. B

    PID Temps for Delaware/Mid-Atlantic Region on my UDS

    Hello all. I am taking on the Heatermeter with Linkmeter Project for my 55 Gallon UDS so I can attempt to do "set it and forget it" smokes. I don't really have a good understanding or grasp on the BPID coefficient variables and was hoping that someone could chime in and tell me their defaults...
  3. J

    Homemade, “Universal” Auber PID

    I have built a PID controller using an Auber SWA-24X2C, Pt100 probe and a 25A SSR controlling a 6.5 CFM fan, (overkill yes but hear me out) to regulate temperatures for a myriad of applications with only one controller to clutter my shelf. Some application examples of this universal controller...
  4. R

    Revisiting old topic, Heatermeter for pellet smoker.

    Hi there, I salvaged an old pellet smoker with presumably bad electronics. I ripped them out and decided to use my PID to control it. However on my PID I can't set output low / output high limits, which would be needed for controlling the Auger. Is there any way to add these to Heatermeter...
  5. A

    Pit Barrel Cooker PID Settings

    Just wondering if any of you folks have PID settings that you like for the PBC. Thanks, Andre
  6. T

    Works as PID for Electric Smoker?

    Hello, I stumbled on this HeaterMeter after some discussion over in the forums. I'm considering taking on building this project but I'd like to know if it has potential for adaptation to our needs with the Smoking-It brand of electric smokers (Lazy-Q smokers). We have lots of...
  7. D

    Scientifically tuning the PID

    Hi all, Has anyone taken a look at these pages for trying to tune the PID controller? I've tried it out, and I get insane values, such as P=.4, I=800, even for the more conservative models. The units generated by the reference page are: Kc...
  8. M

    Heatermeter on UDS, my PID settings

    I might be the ugly duckling here, but I have been fiddling with the heatermeter on my ugly drum smoker. Like others I've struggled with temperature stability with the default PID settings. I've also bludgeoned my head against the wall fiddling with said PID settings. Tonight I drunkenly...