1. C

    How much charcoal?

    I am planning to smoke a 12 pound turkey for 16 hours in my 18" WSM at 220 degrees. The smoker is equipped with an automatic temperature controller and I will be burning Weber charcoal briquettes with a few chunks of oak thrown in. How much cold charcoal do you think I will need? How much hot...
  2. RDOwens

    Complete HM System For Sale?

    I used to read the HeaterMeter threads. Then it dawned on me, I don't solder and I'm not good at this kind of stuff. But Christmas is coming up and I am thinking an ATC might be something Santa might bring me. I've done some searching and keep coming across posts that say folks will sell a...
  3. J

    Homemade, “Universal” Auber PID

    I have built a PID controller using an Auber SWA-24X2C, Pt100 probe and a 25A SSR controlling a 6.5 CFM fan, (overkill yes but hear me out) to regulate temperatures for a myriad of applications with only one controller to clutter my shelf. Some application examples of this universal controller...
  4. G

    My first EVER Pork Butt Smoke on WSM 22.5" with QMaster Lite ATC and Apple wood

    I have been gearing up to this for a while and thought I would share my journey with you all. I got the WSM for my Birthday off my better half and am keen to get cracking! Months of research have brought me to this point and I am almost ready to go this weekend. The only things outstanding are...
  5. M

    ATC in cold temperatures

    So a couple of weeks ago I was doing a couple of 17 lb. briskets in my 22.5" WSM using an Auber ATC. Cool day for Aridzona, only about 60° high for the day. Wanted to cook at 250° but could not get the WSM above about 225°-230°. Now that is my normal cook range, but I was experimenting...
  6. T

    Need a sanity check on my schematic.

    I am building my version of an ATC for long smokes on my 22.5" kettle and may also use it on my Mini WSM/Tamale Pot smoker. I have filtered through the posts and threads around the Internet and have also emailed back and forth to the Auber tech support; I just haven't found all the answers to my...
  7. C

    ATC with offset somokers

    Is anyone using an Automatic Temperature Controller with an offset smoker? I have a Char Griller Trio and am thinking about trying an ATC but wanted to know if there were any success or disaster stories before sinking the $$$ into a quality system. NOTE: Sorry if this has been covered...
  8. Sheldon Koehler

    PartyQ Review

    I asked a while ago if anyone had one of these and got no response. I only found one comment on the BBQ guru website and it was only marginally useful. So due to the price of the unit, I decided to get it. After 3 smokes using it, I am glad I purchased it. It came in a plain box and had some...