High Heat cooking on the Mini


R Kearn

New member
Going to do a smoked brisket tomorrow and a friend said he wanted to come over and watch the process because he is interested in buying a 14.5" WSM. Well, he doesn't want to get there at 4:30 for the fire up so I was going to modify the process and go HH.

My Mini has a Gold for the base and no charcoal ring (I will make one on Sunday!) and clay pot diffuser. Reading the HH Brisket threads they want 325*-350* lid temps. Is that going to be possible to reach?

I can't get > 285 with my clay (12") defuser in. I can get 300+ without the defuser in, but I can't hold 300+ beyond 2 hours
325-350 seems rather high for brisket. At that temp you have a higher chance of leaving fat which needs to be cut off. Also you would limit the amount of "juicing" time a brisket needs in the center to make it correctly. At that temp you would probably smoke a brisket in 4 hours rather than the 8-12 it needs. I would be worried about this, most smokes are 225-275 which the WSM should have no problem achieving.
My mini can hold 300+ for about 6 hours using Kingsford blue. SMJ Silver, using no diffuser or just the tamale steamer insert that comes with the pot. Granted that is under ideal conditions, no wind, ambient temp of 70+. That would be using a full load of charcoal in a basket. I light mine using a torch through the side vent. One side for smokes under 300°, both sides for smokes over 300°.