high heat

  1. M

    Best Paint - Firebox Exterior versus Grill Cart

    I used black Rust-Oleum High Heat (in the can) to spot paint the exterior of my firebox. The color and the finish (more mat-like) match my 2004 Weber Genesis Silver C well. Thanks to all the tips on this site! For some reason I thought this was also the paint recommended for the grill cart...
  2. Michael C.

    High heat spare ribs

    I was pressed for time, so high heat spare ribs! I kept flipping the ribs every 5 minutes or so, directly over the coals, then drizzle some bbq sauce at the last minute. The ribs were moist, chewy with great flavor! Here are the pics. spare ribs on sale. Ribs on. they look done now...
  3. AlexD

    Weekend Smoke #2

    Hi All! Ok so my 2nd weekend with the 18.5 WSM was another success, according to my taste testers. Let me know what you think I had planned on doing chicken on Saturday and a low and slow pork shoulder on Sunday, but a surprise trip out to a friends cabin changed that. First Saturday at the...
  4. R

    High Heat cooking on the Mini

    Going to do a smoked brisket tomorrow and a friend said he wanted to come over and watch the process because he is interested in buying a 14.5" WSM. Well, he doesn't want to get there at 4:30 for the fire up so I was going to modify the process and go HH. My Mini has a Gold for the base and no...