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So I got this Genesis II for $100 with cover and two gas tanks. It's in great condition but the owner left the grates to rust and although the plan is to clean them up, I would love to get me some stainless steel grates. Does anybody know of any aftermarket grates for this grill? All I see online is the original Weber ones for $173. That's a bit too much; maybe if they were 9mm.

When I bought it I figured I would get me some Qulimetal ones, but I don't see them on Amazon for this size.

Also, I wouldn't mind getting me some searing grates (I think part 8854), but what do people do with the remaining grate space? Sizes don't seem to match.




looks like a great deal. Personally, I prefer the cast iron grates. I would clean them up and season them. If you really want stainless, even paying a high price, you still have a nice grill at a good price.

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Have you tried calling weber about ss grates for that grill? If I was you I would switch to ss. Personal preference but I absolutely hate cast iron grates.

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I love cast iron - even though I readily admit that it is a pain to take care of - but for consistent results without having to deal with all that extra care, a set of thick stainless rods is the way to go. I bet Dave Santana (aka rcplanebuyer) is making grates for that grill by now. His will cost more than the Weber ones, but they would be worth it if you want to go all out.


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I do remember them being a value for the quality, but I never looked at the price of the Weber brand ones. I think I paid ninety bucks for my set, but I could be way off.

Jason Godard

I’m partial to the cast iron grates, never liked the ss ones myself. If you decde on the cast iron, you can restore them by washing with soap and a stiff plastic bristle brush and dry immediately. Then lightly coat with olive or other high temp oil, and start cooking. If you can, register the grill warranty on the Weber website. Weber may send you new grates for free, as this grill has a 10 year top to bottom warranty, including the grates, and they are always super helpful for warranty replacements. Nice score on a great grill.

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Good to have another cast iron fan. I have some of the really old Weber cast iron that I believe to not be coated at all. These usually have to be thoroughly wire-brushed and then seasoned well. But they are worth it to me.

Weber customer service isn't always as accommodating as you suggest. Quite often they will be generous, but sometimes they stop making replacement parts before the warranty coverage has expired. When that happens your grill is pretty much orphaned.

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I would try cleaning up the cast iron and using them before buying stainless.......


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Just popping in to state that I had cast iron on my Spirit, then SS on my new Genesis, and I preferred the cast iron. Currently on a test run with grill grates, which is going pretty well so far as well. But if these don't work out, its likely I'll spring for a set of cast iron over the SS ones that I barely used but couldn't get along with.

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My spin is to use cast iron in the warm weather and then bring them inside for dry storage in the wet, cold Midwest winter. Then I bring out the GrillGrates which can’t rust and are forgiving if left out.



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It must just be what you are used to cooking on. I replaced the cast iron grates on my Genesis with stainless so long ago that I don't remember what I didn't like about them in the first place.


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I'm happy with my cast iron grates on my E330.

I also have CI for my BGE but only use it for hot, direct cooks.

I wonder if rust varies not only by climate but also what gets cooked on the grates. I'm thinking sugary sauces, for example, might lead to more rust than say just beef fat or chicken fat.

Edit, but this thread reminded me the BGE grates were in the rain and needed to be seasoned again. Thanks for that.


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These are 10 years old, and today was the first time they've been inside.

But the oven was hot... So they got a quick scrub and a re seasoning in the oven. 20211206_201652.jpg
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OP here. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Life got in the way.

Thanks everyone for your responses (and inspiration).

Anyhow, you can see here how some parts of the grates are pretty much just fine, while other parts are down to about half the thickness of the bar. I cleaned them up with 3M Paint & Rust Stripper Disc for a few minutes and you can see the results below. I'll be doing a better cleanup and oiling it up tomorrow. I can certainly cook in them grates, but they don't look all that sexy.

For now the plan is to get them oiled up and as good as I can. Down the road, I'm hoping Qulimetal or some other aftermarket vendor will start selling grates for this size and then upgrade. I found a set of cast iron grates on Amazon (Stanbroil, but I'm not sure of their quality. If anybody knows, please chime in. The GrillGrates for this model are $200 💰💰💰 AND they're on backorder. I hear good things about GrillGrates but not for $200.

@DanHoo: some pictures below as requested.

As I got them:
20211216_155456.jpg 20211216_155432.jpg

After I brushed them up a bit:

PS: on a different note, I fired it up and it warmed up really well. The hood thermometer read 500F in 4 minutes, 600F in 12 minutes, and 650F in 20 minutes. I'm starting to think I can make pizza here! :)
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Adrian, I'm not sure those are worth any further efforts. Replacing them with anything is going to be a big improvement. Those grates are pretty far gone IMO.

I hear ya. But these are the only choices I've found so far:
  1. Weber - PECI - $180 (part 66097)
  2. Weber - 7mm SS - $172 (part 66089)
  3. GrillGrates - $200 - backorder
  4. Stanbroil - CI - $80
So few choices....