HeaterMeter Hardware v4.3.3, v4.3.4, v4.3.5, v4.3.6


Bryan Mayland

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It is maybe slightly stringier than my best PETG but less than some others. I had no problems without changing any slicer parameters.

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah they're available as the "Clear" option in the store's "Case for HeaterMeter" page. I can't guarantee the clarity of the finished print though. It is definitely clearer than all the other PETG I've been using but it still isn't that nice polished clear, especially on the vertical surfaces where it is the same as the old stuff.

Gary V

Looks like I have some time to order one. Just about finished with house and garage repair after last windstorm did it`s thing. Did finally fire up my HM this weekend after 3 months and pork tenderloin made wife a little happier.


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Hi there. new to the forum but have been using HM for probably 8 yrs... running a 4.1.

I am working on building a new 4.3 and have completed all the steps but am getting some odd behaviors. Note that it is not yet hooked up to a RPi

1.) When powering on, sometimes i'll get blower activity but it starts and fades. when pressing on the ATMEGA chip, sometimes it'll kick back on and sometimes not.
2.) I get absolutely no voltage reading on LE1 when it should be reading 3.3V at least according to the schematic on the wiki.
3.) when connecting the LCD, it will sometimes power up and sometimes not. If it does power up, it'll be a backlit display but no text is visible. Then it loses power and cuts off entirely.

I have checked all solder points and everything, at least to my eyes, looks fine. I'd love any thoughts on what specifically to check. happy to attach photos of the boards if it'll help.

Thank you and please help!!


Jason Abendroth

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Has anyone been able to source parts? my meter i built years ago has seen better days, and i woud like to get a new ont built nefore this one completely craps out.


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Looks like Bryan has some kits with alternate regulator on the heater meter store. The whole electronics industry is suffering from supply shortages, a lot of parts with 90 week lead times. You can find parts that will work as alternates, but it takes effort to hunt them down and can get expensive. Prices are also high right now.