Happy WSM Smoke Day!

Made up some salsa Verde tonight, this may be one of my favorite food moments, when I made the salsa (always later in the evening then I planned) and my son and I testing it. With both of us eating way more then just test bits.

The rest of the rotisserie chicken will be turned into Tinga and with the salsa Verde I will make Chicken Tinga Enchiladas Verde which may be my favorite meal ever! Oh I can't wait!
Let's go Tinga Chicken!

Blended and chicken added.

Enchiladas Verde!





One of my favorite meals ever. Between these and the Birria on Monday I feel lucky to get to eat such great food. The Tinga is my son's favorite tacos meat and he had 9, yes 9 tacos. Ok, I am done. My Smoke Day 19 is in the books! Come on Smoke Day 20!!!
The plans I have lined up for the next 2 months are all this threads fault........this is my excuse.
Well done everyone, Michael.....kudos to you, not that your is any better than the rest but it's just that when we cook at home, half the time its very similar to what I see in your cooks and it looks tasty!
For the first time I can recall, we had GREAT weather here for Smoke Day! Went with pulled pork. Used Meat Church Gospel rub and Matt’s recipes for Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and “sweet coleslaw” that he posted this week. Everything was excellent, possibly one of if not the best result I've had in the 15 years since buying my WSM!

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Looks awesome. I want to try that slaw.
Well, forgot to post here. Wore my shirt today and it reminded me.

Hasselback chicken breast on kettle indirect. Fajita veges (onions and peppers, different kinds and colors) stuffed in slots. Second time doing these, were delicious again.