Happy TVWB 24th Anniversary

Congrats on 24 years! That's no small feat in the internet age. We used to joke that working in the tech industry (when I was in startups) is like living in dog years; 7 years for one human year. That's like having and experienced 168 human years with all the changes that have taken place over the internet. Cheers to another 100 more!

This site has lasted longer than:
Alta Vista search engine
Geo Cities
Ask Jeeves

Just think about that for a minute.
Thank you, Chris, for hosting this site. Well done! I have learned volumes from you and other posters.
From help refurbishing older gassers, to new recipes, general tips and parts suggestions - all in all, a class act!
Thank you, one and all.
Brett has it pegged .sites that have come and gone in the last 24 years. A lot of outside cooking forums are barely getting a post a day. While your site continues it growth. Talk about doing something right. Thanks Chris,we have all learned a lot here.
Thank You Chris for operating/maintaining the forum. I joined in May 2020, and my participation in this site has really helped me stay focused on the important things in life (like ribs & chicken) and pay less attention to the rest of things that I can't control.... And thanks to all the great contributors to the forum as well. I love it here :)
June 12, 2022 marks the 24th anniversary of The Virtual Weber Bullet website! Hard to believe I've been plugging away at articles and videos for such a long time.

If you want to see how the website looked back in its infancy, check-out The History of The Virtual Weber Bullet.

And don't forget to sign-up for a chance to win a Weber limited-edition 70th anniversary kettle in the TVWB 24th Anniversary Prize Drawing.

No anniversary cake this year, but please enjoy a slice of this one from 2018!

That's a really nice history.


1) What was wrong with firing up the cooker using the instructions in the WSM? You said it was a mistake.
2) When you took the class from Chef Paul, and you were making the brisket, pork butt, spare ribs, and butterflied chicken, did Chef Paul intervene at times and correct any mistakes in technique, you might have been making?
3) What do you like eating at Armadillo Willy's?
4) When did you get rid of the visitor counter?
Thank you very much Chris, I joined this group after I retired and the pandemic started. This group is very informative and friendly, kind of an escape from the daily grind of bad news we are bombarded with. Keep up the good work!
With this site lasting so long, I hope there is a business succession plan in place to keep it going after Chris is no longer able or willing to run things. Keep it going for the next generation of backyard cooks.