Hanging bacon

Malvin C

TVWBB Member
I've got the Weber 7242 hanging rack commonly used for ribs and sausage. Would like to smoke two whole slabs of pork belly from Costco in my 18.5" WSM. Anyone ever done this and what the results. Not sure if the bottom of the slab will get done sooner than the top, being that it is closer to the heat. Typically, I don't run my WSM with water. Thoughts???

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I have hung belly in my 22" WSM without the waterpan.
I used the snake (or fuse) method with 3 rows of briquettes to achieve a 175º - 200ºF smoker temperature.
Yes, the bacon took a while to get to my desired internal temp of 145ºF, however.... it was worth it.