Grilled half side of salmon



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Had a half side of salmon and fancied giving it some woodsmoke. Started off with a quick one hour cure of salt, sugar, spices. Then patted dry and let it hang out in the fridge to form a pellicle.

Then on to the kettle. Gave it a quick hot and fast smoking. Forgot to mention in the meantime there were a couple of reduced ending use by date pieces at the shop which I picked up to freeze down after.

Then seared them off and added some veggies which I gave a bit of colour to on the grill.

Overall v happy, nice and easy cook. Served with some salsa verde. Subtle smoke flavour and great with a nice cold glass of wine.
Looks delicious! Where did you get that basket? IS it a pain to clean up?
Just a cheap one from a local bargain shop. Useful for smaller stuff that would otherwise fall through the grates. Goes in the dishwasher quite nicely, fine if just had veggies bet would be a pain with properly burnt on stuff.

Beautiful cook, even with the peas
Haha got to make sure to eat your greens!