Good torch for starting?


Eric Simon

Greetings. I use one of those long Zippo lighters to start my chimney before a smoke. But it's pretty lame and frustrating. <click> <click> <click> Darn it!

Can someone recommend a good, reliable works-even-in-the-wind fire starting lighter/torch? Thanks!
Might be overkill for just lighting the chimney, but I use this for Minion starts, too (about 20 seconds in 4-5 spots, and good to go.....)

Bernzomatic MAPP torch (available at a local hardware store near you):

I use a mapp torch too Rich, and I love it. I am really surprised how long a tank of gas lasts too, I bought a replacement because I thought I was getting low. That was last summer, and it gets used as a cigarette lighter too when I misplace mine.
I put the chimney over the propane flame on my Performer to light the charcoal for all my grills/smoker. Before I had the Performer I'd take 3 paper towels, ball them up, dribble some veg oil on it and then light with a regular ol' Bic lighter. Put the chimney over the "candle" and it always lit the first time, without fail.
Brandon, that made me chuckle.....mine has been used as a cigar lighter, too when I'm out of butane in the torch!

eric, don't listen to the "helpfull" folk here.

most cheapy lighters are just that. either buy a more costly lighter or take apart the cheapies and adjust the adjuster as i do.
You might consider something like a Mini Creme Brulee Torch.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything between a $3 extended lighter and a $30 mini torch.
Go to a local smoke shop (a cigar shop would be best) and get a butane lighter. A good one will be around $10 but they have a torch like flame and they work great. The brand I've had for awhile that I'm really satisfied with is JetLine.

Look here.
I bought several of these to leave laying around my bbq area and near the humidor and I'm happy with them. The child lock accidentally slips on sometimes but it works great for lighting my starter cubes with no hassle.

I am thinking about stepping up to a weed burner though and ditching the cubes.
I use a propane blowtorch, the kind you use for soldering pipes. I already had it in the garage, and it works great. It's pretty hot and the flame is pretty big. It only takes a few seconds to light the paper. If you have to buy one get one with a trigger, not one that requires a match/lighter/striker to light.

As paper I use three sheets of select a size paper towels soaked with some cooking oil. Again, I already had this stuff. Buying a newspaper just to burn it doesn't seem logical to me.
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I've seen this used before. Pretty handy. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Check, that's what I use. Got sick & tired of matches... go with the map gas (yellow canister).
Yep, I'm with John and Brian. I picked up a Weed Burner at Harbor Freight when I got my BDS and use it most of the time with my Webers also. Works great.
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Definitely overkill!

I just want to start the newspaper in the chimney, not light the coals directly. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Rather than buy something special, I also use the Bernzomatic torch. It's often windy here and many grill lighters won't stay lit. Yes, it's more than what's needed, but if you already have one, why not?
How much faster can you start grilling, when using a weed burner instead of a chimney for a 22.5 kettle?

How much faster can you start grilling when using a Performer vs. kettle and chimney?

Maybe I need a gasser!!!!