Glove recommendations?


Ben E Lou

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I think ideally I'd like something silicon for easy cleaning, but I'm open to pretty much anything. I'd probably prefer something with fingers and not mittens.
My wife has a pair of silicon oven mitts and while they work fine. I really don't like how they feel while wearing them (and yes, they're mitts not gloves).

For the manly men cooking i have a pair of the Weber oven mitts wich work great, but I also have a pair of long leather gloves. These gloves are great for handling hot chimney starters, moving coals around, handleing hot food.

They're not as easy to clean as silicone, but a little grease gives them "characture". (and not to mention wearing them makes me feel like a Super Hero)

The hardware stores call em welder's gloves, and I've seen them on Amazon as BBQ/fireplacegloves. You can pick up a pair for under $25

Heres a nice pair:

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I got a pair of silicon oven mitts in Bed Bath and Beyond. I was also looking for gloves, but they work well and weren't that expensive.

I have some of the silicone gloves my wife got me at a Pampered Chef party and they are great for handling the food or any kind of contact with liquids or hot wet items. I have another pair of tall leather welding gloves I use with the chimney, adding charcoal or moving hot things on the smoker around. I usually keep these away from any kind of liquids.
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Here's the pair I use -

They are on the pricey side, but I love them, not a single complaint and they work great protecting my hands. I chose them because I knew most man gloves weren't going to fit my hands, and I don't want to be swimming in gloves when I'm trying to move hot grates or fire around. I got the medium size, but the large would fit guys no problem. They are easy to wash as well.

Hope you find something you really like!

I have the Stephen Raichlin ones, and welders leather gloves for hot chimney and coals. The silicone ones get a little stiff when the weather is cold.
I use gloves like Tom uses for handling food and pulling pork by hand and leather welder's gloves for working with the fire, grates, etc.
I got a pair of silicon oven mitts in Bed Bath and Beyond. I was also looking for gloves, but they work well and weren't that expensive.


I have the same pair and I like them. I also got a single "Ove Glove" I think I will get another for a pair and use those too.
I believe you need at least two pairs (types) of gloves. Ove-Gloves or welding gloves are essential in handling the chimney and other hot dry areas of the cook. The other type is for wet handling. You definitely need some silicone gloves or "rubber" coated gloves for handling the meat. I guess you could use silicone gloves for both purposes but the dry uses are going to get the gloves pretty dirty so I like two different pairs.

Then you may want to consider what you will use when you pull meat. Again, silicone is good from a heat and moisture point of view, but they are pretty thick and therefore don't give you the dexterity you might want. For pulling, I wear some cloth jersey gloves and cover them with large latex gloves.

So my recommendation is get some cheap but thick leather gloves. I got some winter leather gloves that work well. Then get some cheap poly gloves that have a some length. And, continuing with a theme, get some cheap jersey gloves and a box of latex or nitrile gloves for pulling.