Genesis 2000 Rehab-When Enough is Way too Much


Ralph Meyer

You all saw my other post asking about knobs and wheels on the 1995 2000 I recently acquired. I'll use this post to document (scientifically!:') the completion. Here's a few picks as received. Nothing really remarkable, just an old dirty grill:





I'm really not a big gasser guy,but do appreciate them and like to fix them up. I have an 2001 Gold C I rebuilt in 2012, and have used maybe 20 times since-I'm more of a charcoal guy. I recently retired and picked up the 2000 really just to have something to mess around with when I'm at the house. I plan to offer it for sale, but will probably end up keeping it and giving the C to family.

So, as to the title of the post, I decided to paint the manifold, which looked something like what you've all seen:


Being a mediocre car detailer, I thought that could use some work and ended up with this:


I'm going to need a lot more brushes for the drill and dremel tool if I keep doing grills.
Yep, best Genny 1000-5000 manifold I have seen. I never spend much time on the manifold on my rehabs. They are essentially hidden from view and a little surface rust isn't going to hurt them. But, heck, I got a couple spots on the front of the rocker panels on my truck that need some TLC like that Richard. Too bad you don't live near me.

Looking again at that minfold, I think it might look better now than when it was new. I can't wait to see what happens with the rest of the grill.
That’s one elegant manifold:cool:! I am with Bruce both in wishing you could do something with my vehicle and very interested in how the rest of your grill comes together. Great start!
Great looking manifold. For flippers that will reduce our average pay
from 50 cents per hour to about 40 cents per hour. :)
What about wood?

My 2000 rehab is coming along, but am wondering what everyone's preferences are about wood......

Knots or no knots??? I think I like some-more rustic and maybe hand crafted feeling. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a woodshop..:)

A few pics of progress. The handle came out pretty well, but is a little splotchy, even after cleaning and bleaching.





That is one beautiful grill and shows that black hood grills can look as good as redheads. You are carrying over the same care and attention to detail you showed on the manifold to the whole thing. Awesome work:cool:! I do hope you are going to KEEP this one!

Regarding wood, everyone has their own ideas, and that is part of the fun. I personally like having grain and knots. Others search hard for the clearest cedar they can find for a uniform clean look - perhaps closer to the original. Check out some other restores here and you will find some examples of both.

I think the handle looks great even with the "splotches" which adds character. Great job.

How did you refurb the tank scale? Was there any inner rust? Both of mine have some inner rust.

I don't have any use for these tank scales as I'm a NG guy but thought I would rehab them when I'm doing the frames, etc.
Bill, there was some rust on the inside of the scale, but not too much. I wire bushed it as much as I could and sprayed it with some rust encapsulater and paint as I could reach. My local cheapo tool store has brass bottle brushes for a buck or two that are really good for that kind of stuff.
Finished the grill up. Went with a clean wood look. Considering that I am a very poor-to-mediocre spray painter and woodworker (especially with wind and temps in Oklahoma), I think it turned out pretty nice. Heck, I may even cook on it someday! Thanks for all your help. Look forward to hanging around and getting started on the skyline that is in my attic :)





Golly, that is one heck of a nice grill. I'm not even kidding.

Maybe it's time to rehab mine yet again!
Can you share a few details? What did you use on th firebox? Grinder, sandblaster?
How about the wood? Is that the original wood? Stain? Spar? Urethane?