Frostie Paws for dogs...

Jim Lampe

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I love these responses...
a member here at TVWBB pm'd me asking if I still make these things....
Every two weeks or so...I get 15 cups filled and Maddie gets one every night while Liz & I eet our grilled or BBQ dinner
one thing I did change is the cups I use...
Now using MeowMix Cat food orange containers...
After Niner (our last kitty {God Rest His Soul}) would eat the contents, I kept the orange containers for these home-made Frostie Paws....

fill'er up....

...and toss'em in the freezer.
Your BEST FRIEND will L♥VE you for it!

Bob Correll

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Came back here for the recipe, it's so darn complicated. :rolleyes:
I can remember the ingredients, but not the procedure.
Brooke said give it a bump, so:

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My girl Beanie absolutely loves her homemade frosty paws! My Seamus is usually not a picky boy, but he seems a bit indifferent to them. Until Beanie tries to get his, then he's all over it! I like them too! Sometimes we have an ice cream social out in the backyard. Ya gotta love dogs!


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I freeze them in silicone ice cube trays they pop right out and then no dog slobber clean up.
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What's this "Season" that you speak of.
Our boys can only tell time, and don't know what month it is.
Frostie Paws are a year round treat for them.
Still one of the best recipes on this site.
Thanks again for posting it.

Bob Correll

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Let me rephrase that Mac, a yearly bump, since I agree that it's a year round treat.
Yes, thanks Jim!


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Discovered this recipe here last summer and made them for the first time. I really appreciate the "bump" to remind me. My dog loved them, and we adored the little milk mustache she sported when eating them. So big thanks from my Jindo girl, Shasta!!!

Bob Correll

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Yearly summertime bump, even though I make these year round.
I've started adding a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil to the mix.

Rusty James

No doggy brain freeze?

Speaking of hot weather, the area I hike rises in elevation rather quickly, and some folk's house / apartment dogs give out before reaching the end of the trail. There is no water up there, and some dogs have even died as a result of excessive heat, and lack of water. If you take pooch on the trails, be sure to bring an extra water bottle.

Bob Correll

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Yearly bump for Jim's best recipe.
Brooke will be 10 tomorrow, just made a fresh batch with an extra large one for her birthday.
She gets them year round.

I don't mess with a blender anymore, put everything in a bowl, and use a potato masher until smooth. This way it leaves little chunks on the banana mixed in.