First time “rolling ribs”


Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
SWMBO and I have been thinking/talking about wanting some ribs for what seems to be a long time so, this morning I got out of the shower and went for some (since I had failed to think ahead yesterday!). Home and stripped membrane off got them rubbed and on the smoker! 81E09B30-E000-4BD7-B2D4-B6DB6A4886BD.jpeg
New technique for me but, given the reviews from other folks here, I figured it was the best way to get the all on the 18! Fit seems pretty good to me, just had a pit probe go belly up, glad I had a spare! Just ordered another.
More to follow!


It's fun to try techniques that have been on your to-do list; I hope you enjoy them!

A few things in your thread reminded me of Ray Stevens :p



TVWBB Wizard
Maximising one's real estate. Kudos.
Temp: 52 deg.
Precipitatiion: 0%.
Humuidity: 38%.
Wind: 6 mph.

Job's a good 'un!

Jerry N.

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I like rolling ribs. Makes cleanup easier - no rib rack. Tim, I know you were pressed for space, but next time try rolling them a bit looser. You don’t really want them rolled so tight that they contact themselves. I imagine that part of the rib didn't have good bark formation. Of course, they still look pretty tasty.