Finally got a 14.5 WSM!

Just drove 2hrs to pick it up (3hrs back), and for only $60! Grates were kinda gross, so i just fired it up with lump, no water pan, and let it get as hot as it wanted. It hit 375 for a while, and now I'm just playing with vents to see what happens.

Got home too late to grab fresh meat, so this'll have to suffice for tonight. At least I've got one now, and stuff is on fire inside. :cool:

Dustin Flavell

Nice! You are going to love the 14” WSM. I have all three sizes and the 14 gets 90% of the usage around here.

Little bit of advice for long haul cooks like a pork butt. Take the internal heat shied out and place it underneath on an empty tuna can or attach it to the legs. Removing the internal heat shield will give you more capacity for ash fall thus not smothering your coals.


I have a 22.5 WSM and love it, but it definitely is a big boy and I tend to only use it when I have enough time to do larger smokes. I was in the Ace Hardware yesterday and saw a 14.5 on the show floor and I literally stopped and kind of marveled at it. It looked so small compared to my 22.5, but the first thing that crossed my mind was how much simpler it would be to use for even everyday cookis. I definitely want one now.