Excess Serrano Peppers - Suggestions wanted


Brian B.

My Serrano pepper plant gave me quite a few more peppers that I would normally use this year, so I'm looking for suggestions about what to do with the remainder. I have about 100 in various stages of ripeness.

One thing I did do with them was use 1/2 of each one for a cap on an ABT. Jalapeno on the bottom, tons of stuffing and a serrano half for the top.

I was thinking about drying them and saving, but if there are other good things to do I would be interested in hearing them.

You could freeze some and use them as required over the winter/spring/summer until the next harvest is ready. We like serranos in guacamole which is our favorite for game day.

When I have a lot of peppers I char them on my grill until the skins are blackened then cover with a damp towel until cool. I put them in zip lock bags in my freezer until I need them. When needed, rinse them under cold water and your good to go.

my one serrano plant only produced about 15 peppers, but OMFG they're so much hotter than last year's serranos.
i'm assuming the hot dry weather worked to my peppers favor.
I grow a lot of serranos and cayennes and I dry them, and use them in their dried form for lots of stuff. We cook alot of mexican and I use the dried peppers in moles, salsas, chile colorado, stuff like that. Also, in sitr fry, I use them in their whole dried form. I like to keep them whole and toss them around, they give great flavor, but can be taken out if you don't actually want to chomp a whole hot pepper.
Brian, I've done habanaros the way Mike is talking about. Dry them and grind them out. Word of advise,do this is a well ventilated area and don't smell the ground peppers when you take the top off the grinder. They make pepper spray from these for a reason :)
Oh man, I would make a few jars of pepper vinegar with them! Serrano vinegar is awesome, much better to me than jalapeño vinegar. Talk about amazing poured over some hot collard or mustard greens or sprinkled on some pork, or even tater salad. French fries are good too instead of the regular malt vinegar. You could even use malt vinegar as the base instead of apple cider or regular white vinegar if you wanted it to be more British.

Mmm, all this pepper vinegar talk makes me want my grandma's collards right now.

BTW, I've charred my peppers before putting them in the vinegar and it gives them an extremely complex, but different flavor. Just make sure you get most of the black off and do it both ways to see which you might like more, that is if you decide to make this. :)
I've got a bumper crop of Japs this year and so I decided to wash them, cut them in half lengthwise, put them in the smoker until they are fully dried out. Then I just drop them into the spice grinder and make my own Chipotle and variations of that. I've got some Chipotle/Serrano, Chipotle/Anneheim, etc. Makes for great (and FRESH) spices.

Ooohh.. Sauces... For some reason never thought about that. Gonna have to give that a try. Thanks Patrick!

I spent almost 3 months in Edina a couple of years ago. Out of the entire time I was there, it got above freezing exactly once. I even took a side trip down to the Spam museum.

I smoke mine lightly by making a foil boat making use of the heat left over from a cook. Once they have some of the smokey flavor I will let them sit out to dry or stick them in the oven for a spell. I like to grind them and use them the same as chipotle powder but with a better "kick."