Easter rotisserie and a new toy


Clay Neubauer

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Sorry I have only been lurking here for a while, it's been a long time since I got motivated enough to photograph and post a cook. But this seemed like a good time to make the effort. After a long time of basically being a charcoal aficionado, I decided that there are indeed days when it would be nice to have a high quality gas grill around- so last Christmas a Genesis showed up to join the family.


Had some unusual visitors for this part of the world, over a hundred of them.


Pool loin spinning on the WSM rotisserie, used some rub from local (excellent) barbecue restaurant and during the cook splashed it with some apple cider and rum.


Burgers, brats, and dogs did pretty well in here despite high winds- and that was one of the reasons for getting it. Have some learning to do, but certainly like it so far.


Time to lubricate the chef. This is from Backpocket Brewery in Iowa City, and while they don't really do barbecue, for anybody that might be traveling that way they have great beers and do some wicked wood fired oven pizza.


Plated a slice of loin, cheeseburger slider with homemade zucchini relish, Megan's ham and macaroni salad, homegrown sweet corn, and the first stalks from mom's asparagus patch.


Clay Neubauer

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Lots of fish, but we're working on making it better. My grandpa built this pond back in the 1960s and only recently have we really tried to make it more of a recreational thing than a cattle watering pond. Bluegill, 14-18" bass. and a few catfish can be pulled out of it.

M Craw

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Lookin' good, Clay! You won't be disappointed w/ the Genesis. Take care of her and you just might have it forever.

Cliff Bartlett

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Wonderful looking cook Clay. Love your photographs, especially the pelicans. You have gorgeous property. I remember a few of your posts a few years back of all the farm scenery. (if I'm wrong about that I won't be too embarrassed) Of course that plate is gorgeous too. One final comment. I'm envious of your Gator. I've wanted one of those for a long time. Would make my work so much easier, not to mention fun too!
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Clay Neubauer

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Cliff, yeah that was me with the other farm posts. I'll try to get back into more participation here, I've learned so much from this forum and I hate to not be contributing something back to it. Maybe I should give you some stuff I never got around to posting here last year?