E 320 Genesis conversion Natural Gas over to Propane...!!!


Kelvin in AB

Hey everyone, just moved from my house i have owned for 10+ years and moved into a Condo with no natural gas. Have to switch over to Propane... or purchase a propane grill...!!
I have the Weber E 320 Genesis black Natural gas... 42,000 BTU main burners ... 12,000 BTU side burner
Part # 3851001 serial # **1241306
I'm looking for the propane Orifices to fit the regulator ... 3 for the main burners...1 for the side burner or maybe a whole new regulator with all the orifices included, might have to find out the matching propane model of the E 320 and compare the regulator if it will fit this model. I'm finding it very difficult tracking down just the Propane orifices... the Orifices that come with the Natural gas E 320 are black and i will include a picture. Speaking of pictures where are you storing your pictures to post here...? thanks everyone
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I went to the Weber website and i punched my Serial number into the Schematics and this is what it shows...
Genesis E-320 NG Blk (2009-2010) (USA/Canada)
It added an 8 at the beginning of the Part number... mine is 3851001... does it always add the 8 at the front. Also it says it's 2009-2010
Kelvin: Copied from the other thread..... Look at your manifold and compare it to what is pictured on ereplacements.com. Punch in your number with and without the 8. You will see two different manifolds. If yours is supported by a cross bracket it is a 2007. If it sits in slots on the frame, it is the one with the 8 prefix. Either way, easiest conversion is to replace the manifold and then the orifice on the sideburner. You will then just need a hose/regulator assembly to hook from the manifold to a propane tank. You will not be using the present quick-disconnect gas line. I'm sure someone else here on TVWBB probably has the parts you need. In any event, Weber will not sell you the parts since they will only sell you the NG parts, not LP. The savvy members here will find your post no matter where it is. I usually post in the gas grill section.
I don't think you want to just go the orifice route. Lew Michaels is the guy you want to talk to on gas conversions and possibly Bruce. If I remember correctly from other posts on the forum, it has to do with the size of the ports in the valves as well and how much gas the valve allows through. That's why the consensus is to swap out the manifolds. I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you. That's how I found the parts I needed to add the sideburner.
Pictures above is one of the orifices from the 3 main burners... Weber E 320 Genesis ... Main Burner-> 42,000 BTU ... Side Burner->12,000 BTU
Try posting in the Buy, Sell, Trade section for a manifold and the sideburner orifice. I'm sure somebody has what you are looking for much cheaper or look for a donor grill.

I think we're all waiting for Larry to see your post and chime in. He knows his stuff when it comes to the questions you have.
Were you able to correctly identify which manifold you have? The photo above looks like you actually have the 2008-2010 manifold that sits in the frame slots instead of the crossover support bracket.
I think I have a propane manifold for an E3xx grill. But it might not be with the extra port for the side burner. It might be a possibility to just use that and have someone tap a side burner port into the manifold. If you are interested, let me know and I will hit the shed and check. But, that would not help with the orifice on the side burner....So you need the full manifold with side burner hose valve and orifice.
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No. Should be 83780001 for the manifold style you have. the number above would be for the 2007 model with the support bracket, not the wings that go into the frame. Burner you would be looking for is the 67621 or the more common 67611 (E310) which would require the extra fittings to add the side burner. Either way, you would need the new orifice for the side burner. Again, people on the forum frequents sell or trade parts. They will not be new, but neither are our grills! You'll see lots of people restoring much older classic grills than ours. Based on the photos that you have shared, your grill looks in great shape.
Hey Bruce, thanks for the heads up... is it for the E 320 and it must have the Ears on the sides to sit into the slots for support...