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Do you make Philly Cheesesteak?



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If so, what cheese do you use? I have seen recipes that say just provolone, just cheez whiz and one that said provolone AND cheez whiz..
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On the grill I use provolone or smoked provolone.
I believe the original PCS uses Velveeta or cheez whiz and if doing indoors I would use that.

Jason Godard

Provolone. My wife likes to do low carb so I make a philli cheesesteak that is just a green pepper stuffed with shaved ribeye, onions, & mushrooms, with provolone melted over the top.
I am going to do this on my 22” griddle. Awesome idea, thanks!

Gerry D.

I like American. If someone puts a steak in front of with with whiz, I'll still eat it because well...it's still a cheesesteak. Sharp provolone is a good choice too. Some places around Philly do what they call an Italian Style steak with sharp provlone and either broccoli rabe or spinach. Kind of a play on the roast pork sandwiches that are popular in the area too.

For me it is American, fried onions, and mushrooms.


Philly Cheesesteak is on the short list of foods I want to make on our new grill, using the griddle that we bought for it. The problem is that there are many foods that we want to make. For me, it is near the top of the list. I didn't ask my partner, but I know that it would not be as high on her list.