Do you have a name for your grill...?


Frank in Colorado

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Any pet names or nicknames for your grilling apparatus? Trying to come up with one for mine....

It is stainless steel and was thinking of calling it "The Silver Bullet" but I am not a Coors Light fan but do like the music of Bob Seger.

I am leaning towards calling it the "S.S. Broadway."
It is a stainless steel model... and if I ever grill a rack of lamb then...

...wait for it...

..the then lamb lies down on "Broadway" by...

..await for it...


I give you
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis:
Awesome replies!!!

Great nostalgia of the songs and creativity in the comments.

Keep the nicknames coming. I am officially going to name mine "The S.S. Broadway" and will soon baptize it with some sauce sometime this spring.
Might even try to grill 50 eggs at some point too!

Would it be OK if I name myself "Magilla' the grilla' "

We do call our refrigerator George and the matching stove Georgette and the microwave Georgina. DH wants to buy a Weber kettle. We will have to come up with a real good name for that.
My wife likes to nick name them sometimes. Examples include:

Weber Ranch = The Dugger (because the Dugger family from "19 Kids and Counting" is the only family that needs it)
18" Yellow Weber Yachtsman = The Fairy Garden (because the lady I bought it from was going to turn it into one)
Offset Speckled Weber Smokeyjoe = The Speckled B***h (because it reminded her of a candy that her grandfather called speckled b***hes)
In short, “No”. I don’t tend to name things aside from some of my cars. Not all of them either. A name has to present itself.

I've only named two of my cars, the first one that I had (Opus), and the most recent one (Yoda; it's not green, it's a "Toyoda").

Opus was rear ended and totaled. My oldest daughter rear ended someone this summer and did thousands in damage to Yoda (not totaled at least). I think I'm done naming cars.

The only grill I've named so far, well it was already named when I got it, is Joe.
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Not usually one for naming things but a few years ago I named all of my grills after NHL Sharks players. Was a pain however to rename grills as guys got traded. I agree that the Ranch Kettle is a beast so mine got named Brett Burns. List below but I am done re-naming as players get traded.

- WSM 22 - Joe Pavelski
- WSM 18 - Kevin Labanc
- WSM 14 - Melker Karlson
- 26" mini ranch - joe Thornton
- super Jumbo - Martin Jones
- jumbo joe - justin Braun
- master-touch - Logan Couture
- fireplace - Marc Edward Valasic
- ranch kettle - Brett burns
- performer - Evander Kane
I have two grills and both of them have special names.
One I call "The gas grill".
Can you guess the name of the other one?
Yep........ I call it "The charcoal grill".

I came up with those nifty names after naming various appliances in my kitchen. I have something I call "The stove", another called, "The oven", one I fondly refer to as "The refrigerator", and one I call "The dishwasher". In my living room I've decided on calling my television, "The TV".

My wife and I have pet names for just about everything in and around our home, such as "Washer", "Dryer", "Sink", "Toilet", "Garden Hose", "Pool Table", and so-on. We even have named our two cars. One is "Your car" and the other is "My car". Oddly, although my wife and I agree on most pet names and use the same special names for nearly everything else, we disagree on the names for our cars. She insists on using the opposite names from the car names I prefer. ............... sigh.
I’m pretty close to naming (maybe more dedicating) my “auxiliary” 22” as the Vortex unit. Then, I will have to get a cover for it and, find patio space for a dedicated one closely followed by a dedicated rotisserie set up.
Well, maybe not. SWMBO may not understand why I need to build an addition for storage!