Direct coal cooking


Timothy F. Lewis

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I’ve heard this method was a favorite of General Eisenhower. Thought about it but, that’s as far as I’ve gotten with that technique.


IIRC, Alton Brown has showcased this technique, skirt steak? He used briquettes, but did use something like a hair dryer to blow the ash off.

Dustin Dorsey

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I know I've posted a cook doing exactly this but it was back in 2014 and I can't find it. I used lump charcoal in my kettle and I used a hair dryer to blow off the ash. It also really stokes the charcoal. You will get little chunks of charcoal stuck to the meat but it was very tasty. I think I copied from an Alton Brown video. It was really delicious. I'm not sure it beats just doing it on a grate but you get an all over sear. The meat kind of smothers the charcoal a bit, but it also won't flare up. He method calls for searing it on each side maybe a minute to a minute and a half and then immediately wrapping in foil to bring the meat up to temp.


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I tried it when I was younger out camping, did them on the top of a ret hot log. The BIL and I were both toasty so we thought w would try something different.
The women wouldnt touch them.


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I’m told that Ike enjoyed doing that at Camp David, it has nothing to do with being barbaric Gee, Larry!
You know I am kidding around I hope. Anyway i had never heard of Ike doing it but did know of LBJ. And honestly I considered LBJ (if not the cooking method) barbaric

Jason Godard

I thought I saw that somewhere on a tourist show?
Maybe, but I imagine I’d need a radiation suit.
And if we’re going there, I think we just found a use for the millions of depleted radioactive rods leftover from nuclear power plants.
Sure you have to suit up, and so what if you need a bigger property with your grill at the far end of the back forty.
At least you don’t have to get in on the ‘what‘s the best charcoal’ discussions any more!
And clean up has never been easier, because there is none. :cool:
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