Cure #1 quantities vary per chef/butcher/Pit Master

I saw a post on the Charcuterie Reddit where a guy was using something called Salvlanda salt that was salt, .6% sodium nitrate .9% potassium nitrate with 2% dextrose. That's as close as they get to cure#2. I guess it's similar in theory to Tende rQuick. I don't know how you do the math on that.
Let's see:
If you would add 2% of this mixture (based on meat weight)
You would apply
120 ppm sodium nitrite
180 ppm sodium nitrate
and 16.5 gr salt
So you would be on the low side, but not too low for nitrites

If you would want 20 gram salt per kg meat, you would add 24.2 gram of this mixture, resulting in
145 ppm sodium nitrite
218 ppm sodium nitrate