Curb Alert !!!

And this just turned up free. Closer to home but space is at a premium. My second favorite layout after all tables.
Larry, you mentioned you were considering selling off your Wolf. Well, here is a comparison for you to check out.

What in the world is this ?
Isn't that Platinum a 5000 without the 3 doors ?
You can see the bottom tube has the holes for the glass doors.

Weber Flat Top grill. If you want a project Mark, that is a true unicorn. I don't think they ever even sold them in the US. They are all the rage over in Austrailia though.

You slide each lid to the side and you have an open grill. Aussie Style It is based on the Summit.
What a coincidence. I've never seen one before and then right after you put this up I found one within five minutes in my area without even looking.

I think my phone is spying on me
Josh, that looks like a pristine example of the flat top. However, My guess is that it is a scam. Guys name and the price is way too low. That grill should be gone 30 seconds after it lands on FB MP. Bad seller rating too. Add looks like a 90 year old did it.
Thanks for the heads up!