Costco packer with thin flat

Brian Lee

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Anyone have suggestions on smoking a whole brisket when the flat is super thin in one corner? I picked up a 12.5 lb prime brisket at Costco yesterday for $34 (they're offering $10 off all prime briskets until Feb 22) and all the whole briskets in the meat case had thin flats (around a half inch) at the end. Should I just trim this off since its gonna dry out and turn into shoe leather after 5 hours?

Chris Allingham

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Meat packers today cut briskets longer and narrower than they used to, resulting in flats with thin edges. Many backyarders just cook them as they are. Better BBQ joints and BBQ teams will trim it away, since they can't serve it. And there's some thinking that those overcooked thin areas have a negative impact on the way the neighboring meat cooks.

This article shows how I trimmed a Prime brisket with a thin edge:


Brian Lee

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thanks for the helpful suggestions everyone. I'm definitely trimming off the thin section so it cooks uniformly. This cook will be slightly different from my previous brisket cooks as I'll be using a DigiQ for the first time. And using hickory wood instead of apple wood for flavoring.


Trim it off afterwards. Its still edible, or dog will love it no matter what.
It likely protect more meat by being there, than not.

No problem fitting a 12lb brisket...

Theres no uniformity on a brisket. One end is 6" thick with 1/2" fat in middle, the other may be 1/2" x 10" wide.
Theres always difference in meat condition thru it, with one part perfect, some too lean, some not rendered as much as want. Which why most make burnt ends from the point. Not me....that makes best sandwiches there is IF it renders enough. Separate point , wrap, put back on if necessary.
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