Cold smoking cheese question

Chris Hosston

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Do you guys keep and empty water pan in your wsm or don’t have anything to block your smoking tube from the cheese on the top grate? I used my empty water pan in mine today and smoked the cheese for 4 hours and the cheese doesn’t smell as Smokey as I would have thought.

Geo S

I didn't but just used a tube cold smoking thingee the one time I tried. The cheese tasted like the bottom of an ashtray, even after weeks wrapped up to mellow it. There was obviously TOO much smoke in my attempt, lol


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You could if you wanted but it's not needed at all. I'm sure you saw smoke coming out of the top vents, my smoke tends to be thicker than expected when cold smoking cheese.

I've cold smoked in my WSM (smoke tube on the lower shelf), in my performer, in the gasser too I'm pretty sure. The only reason I'd use a heat shield is if it was getting too hot & melting the cheese.

You could cold smoke cheese in an old box if you wanted :)

What kind of pellets (or what) did you use for smoke?

Did you notice a color change?

Most people say that it needs time to age or mellow, and there may be some truth to that for them, but no need to wait IMO; I just enjoy it from day 1 until it's gone, sometimes with months time aged in vac bags. It's as good on day 1 as it is on day 61 to me.

Chris Hosston

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I used hickory the first two hours and apple the second two hours. I used lumberjack pellets. I also saw a ton of smoke. No real color change. It was 34 degrees today.


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I do mine in the Performer, using the Amazen Smoking tube, with either Apple or Cherry pellets. I only go 45-60 minutes, so as not to oversmoke. No heat shield, I just put the cheese on the opposite side of the grill, with the vent over the cheese to make sure the smoke draws past it. Then right into the vacuum sealer for at least 30 days. I have had pretty good results with that.