Cold smoked salmon 🍣 (lox) in about 2 days



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Salmon has become quite expensive.



Cut the tail sections down and into two pieces so this all fits in the container to cure.


Pickling salt, sugar, brown sugar, black and white pepper and dried fresh dill.


Evenly distributed onto both sides of the salmon and tail pieces. Will rotate tonight to ensure full brine contact onto all fish parts.

This is a 24 hour brine only. Then a rinse and air dry exposed in the fridge to develop the pellicle.

Need to merge these threads:

Need to merge these threads:

nope. i've posted a few times on making lox so people can self learn and experiement. my threads are well documented.

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Following along. I made some gravlax last year, and going to try some cold smoking this year.
It’s super easy. See my links from previous cold smoke sessions.

I’ll run a maple pellets smoke session, in a cold smoke tube, for around 90 mins once the pellicle is set, which should be tomorrow night. I just like the flavor that maple imparts on the brined salmon. And pellets are very easy to use.
Looks like someone may have been thinking about a certain smoked salmon thread from the weekend..
It only took 2 days!
We paid $16.99 a pound here, on my way home I also picked up rib steak....which is tonight's dinner... $15.99 per pound.
A late friend of mine used to make up a whole side for me for Christmas a couple of years. he and his wife have been good friends, we all miss him. She is an absolute HOOT at a cocktail party!
Here’s the slab after 24 hours brined (from 9AM today) Rinsed off the brine and then set in fridge to develop pellicle. And should be able to smoke this tonight.




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Do you find that the dill actually adds flavor to the finished product? I tried it once in the brine and found no trace of its taste when enjoying the smoked salmon.
Do you find that the dill actually adds flavor to the finished product? I tried it once in the brine and found no trace of its taste when enjoying the smoked salmon.
From my experience, it doesn’t penetrate in the brine but rather small amounts stick to the flesh even after the rinse so when I smoke the fish, and then slice it for service, those small pieces make their way onto the final slices which enhances the flavor. The dill is not pronounced but rather “there” in a small way.

Could I leave it out? Sure. But for some reason I still like it in the brine.

The brine has salt, both white and brown sugars and both white and black pepper.
I am fairly certain that if you used enough salt the product becomes " cooked " after the eat it without cooking it too much right?
Anyways.....if you had a table fan, I find the pellicle can be obtained pretty quickly while the salmon sits on the counter...and of course it won't spoil because of the brine. Last time I used the fan I believe I had it there for about 3 hours.....if I remember right.
I did it that way for a long time but those table fans apparently have a short life span.
I did use the fridge this past weekend.
Thought if you weren't aware it could save you some time if you ran into a time issue.

Not sure the limits on salt.....I use plenty though 4 to 1, 4 cups of brown sugar to 1 cup of salt.