Chuck Roast


TVWBB Olympian
There's something about Chuck Roast that I like for some reason

Rub, I should have this memorized, but I never seem to and always have to print it. At least now I can just come here to see the rub

$4.38 a LBS? Looks like meat is going to be expensive in 2020, last time I smoked a Chuck Roast, it was $2 something

After 3 hours, time to wrap in butcher paper

200 degrees internal, looks promising

After 2 hour rest

Under the blade

Tastes amazing, I might try pulling it at 195 next time


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Chuck you guys on the left coast really pay a premium for chuck. With Barbs discount at Safeway we pay (when on sale we pay about $1.69 a pound for chuck steak or roast. But regardless that looks really good.