Jon Tofte

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
A while back I picked up this really nice CharQ. That allowed me to disassemble my tired old one and add it to my mountain of unfinished projects.

In the meantime, I have this almost perfect one to grill on. Tonight I did an easy favorite that goes with my attempts at losing some weight.

Grilled chicken 🐓 strips with City Barbecue “Sweet City” BBQ sauce:
I was all in until you mentioned losing weight.

But those chicken strips look like perfection. Your end result reminds me of my favorite restaurant decades ago that has since left us: Bonanza and their Chicken Monterey dinner.
That’s some beautiful chicken, food magazine worthy! I had a Char, it was given to me by my buddy who found it at a campground. I threw it in to get full asking price when selling a Simpsons grill a couple years ago. ABF85E01-4F78-4A43-BEBE-A095C70D7383.png