Capicolo or Coppa


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
Haven't been grilling much, but have just opened up my first whole muscle charcuterie attempt. Figured I'd share it here. If anyone wants recipe details, just let me know!

I got some Umai drybags as a Christmas present, and finally got around to using them. I made a Capicollo (or Coppa) from some supermarket pork. It just hit 35% moisture loss today, so I broke open the bag and did a taste test. It turned out really good. The spices are pretty even, though there's a touch too much clove. I'm certain that this suffers from the bland supermarket piggy I used (which is why batch #2 that is drying now is making use of a Berkshire coppa muscle that I got from the local butcher....beautiful piece of meat!) I've got this one sealed back up in vacuum bags to let the moisture even out a bit, but I'm really happy with this attempt!


Have a great weekend, folks!

Thanks, Dwain and Len. It was fun, and relatively easy to do. I have my eye on some lomo, bressaola, etc. :)