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Chris Allingham

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Firestone Grill
1001 Higuera St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Years ago, I worked with some guys that were Cal Poly SLO alums and they raved about Firestone Grill and their tri-tip sandwiches. I visited there in 1998 and again in 2004 and most recently in January 2019. Located in a former Firestone tire center and established in 1995, it's a lively place with a sports bar vibe, and their claim to barbecue fame is the tri-tip sandwich. On the Central California coast, beef barbecue is most certainly going to be tri-tip, not brisket, and Firestone slow-roasts theirs on a Santa Maria-style charcoal fired grill. Very moist and tender, sliced thick and piled high on a buttered, toasted roll with a modest amount of dark, sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce, this sandwich hits the spot! Paired with a generous side order of seasoned french fries and a beer or soft drink, you've got a filling meal.

Yes, there's other stuff on the menu like a pulled pork sandwich and ribs and grilled chicken and burgers and fish tacos and salads, but I've never gotten past the first item on the menu--the tri-tip sammie--and probably never will.

Parking is tricky in downtown'll probably have to circle the block a few times, but your patience will be rewarded! Max-out your time on the parking meter, enjoy Firestone Grill, then walk-off your meal by visiting the many interesting shops in the downtown area. SLO has one of the best downtowns of any smallish city in California, so make sure to take advantage of it, too.

Here are a few photos...enjoy!







Firestone Grill added to our must try list. Thanks.
Was up in SLO earlier this month for the wife's trail race. Our 'usual' (Margie's Diner) was closed so we tried Rib Line, which was pretty good for take out. Will do Firestone Grill in Jan 2020 (or earlier...)