Brisket "secret": mustard and pickle juice?


Darren Lebner

“Cooking wine”? if I not drinking it I’m sure as all that’s delicious I’m not cooking with it! I remember being at someone’s house and I asked for a blast of sherry for some gravy and I was handed a bottle of some putrid “Cooking sherry”. Just smelling it made me want to run! Thank GOD there was a nice bottle of red that I’d brought! Not quite the same flavor I was hoping for but, beat the socks off the “Cooking“ garp!
I'm just the opposite. If I'm drinking and enjoying it, I'm not going to waste it on a basting sauce. There are other recipes where wine is a critical ingredient. There I would agree with you.


Darren Lebner

But Darren, what do you consider “cooking wine”?
Wine which I received as a gift, which I don't find enjoyable at all. Under-the table wine.

It could also be a good bottle of wine, opened several days ago. Even though I use vacuum stoppers to seal them, they're not 100% airtight and the wine starts going stale after several days. I'll use that in cooking, anytime for anything.

I have also had good wine bottles go off, even though kept unmoved in a cool dark place. While they are no longer drinkable, they are far from being vinegar. When cooking with them in small amounts, the flavor is just fine.


Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
I use a “Vac-U-Vin” vac pump that was a gift, your “leftover“ wine is a fair use, doesnt happen often but there is enough for most sauce deglazing needs. Or, I use dry sherry, amontillado, brandy, bourbon,…