Brisket on 14.5”

Aaron L in KC

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Alright, so I have messed around with my little 14.5 a few times now and have enjoyed the results. I kind of knew what I was getting myself into buying a 14.5 but it’s usually just my wife and I or us and another couple eating so I didn't need a 22.5. I am wanting to try out a brisket on the 14.5 but I am trying to wrap my head around how exactly I am going to get it to fit. I have heard about separating the point and flat but I am worried about ruining the cook if I do that. Anyone have any experience with trying this or any other suggestions? Pictures are welcomed too!

If this has already been answered, my apologies!


Lew Newby

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I don't know how to fit a packer into my 14.5 without separating the 2 muscles. Doing that doesn't ruin the cook. I've done it and my family loved the result. If you're just gong to slice it all you can cut it in half straight across and cook it with one piece on each cooking grate. Some slices will be fat and lean and some not. You have the itch so have fun scratching it.

Eddie Monroe

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I cooked a 6lb point cut half and a 3.5lb flat cut in the last few weeks on my 14.5wsm. This was the first real smoking I had done besides some chicken and some jalapeño poppers. I lite the smoker with the menion method (I think that’s the right name). I lit 6 or 8 coals in the chimney and added them to the middle. Each time I had the brisket on the top rack both times. I kept the temp at about 220 until the internal temp was about 160, about 5 hrs. The took them off, wrapped them in foil, added a little apple juice, then put them back on. The smoker temp really shot up because of all the fresh air but I got it down to 230 to 250. When the brisket temp hit 200 I really started shutting the temp down hard. I took the brisket off when both the smoker and internal temp hit 207. Wrapped the brisket in towels and let it sit for another couple hours. Total of about 10 hrs for the bigger point cut. It was very good and very tender. By far the best I’ve ever had.
The temp is very hard to control I think because the smoker is small. I think a light load of charcoal helped me maintain the temps.


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Not that I've done a brisket, but from weekly ribs and pulled pork I've found filling the water pan with something helps regulate the temp. I've also started waiting somewhere around an hour after adding the lit coals to the smoker before adding the meat, this gives me time to get the temp settled in. Not perfect but it helps, at least for this rookie.